Hello, Food Lover fellows! Are you looking for a Asian Food menu offered by Sushi Shop Canada? We have managed to get the complete Sushi Shop Canada Food Menu along with its latest prices from the official sources. Go through this article to check out the latest Sushi Shop Food Menu and Prices.

Restaurant NameSushi Shop
Cuisine TypeAsian
Opening Hours10 AM–6 PM
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Sushi Shop MENU PRICES 2024

Sushi Shop menu offers a large range of Asian items in their menu across Canada outlets. Here are the main food item categories.

  • Appetizers
  • Soup and Salad
  • Sushi and Sashimi A La CarStuesh
  • Special Roll
  • Vegetarian
  • Chef Special
  • Sashimi Combo
  • Rice
  • Bento Box
  • Sushi Combo
  • Maki Combo
  • Beverages
  • Party Tray

Now let’s see them in detail one by one.


Menu ItemPrice
Shrimp Tempura(5pcs)CAN$ 9
Yam Tempura(8pcs)CAN$ 6.5
EdamameCAN$ 6.5
Gyoza(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Vegetable Tempura(8pcs)CAN$ 7.5
Deep Fried Scallop(8pcs)CAN$ 7.5
Tempura Appetizer(7pcs)CAN$ 8
Deep Fried Spring Rolls(8pcs)CAN$ 7.5

Soup and Salad

Menu ItemPrice
Miso SoupCAN$ 2
Green SaladCAN$ 3
Avocado SaladCAN$ 6.5
Seaweed SaladCAN$ 7
Seafood SaladCAN$ 9
Kani SaladCAN$ 9

Sushi and Sashimi A La CarStuesh

Menu ItemPrice
Salmon Roses(1pcs)CAN$ 3.5
Crispy Spicy Tuna(1pcs)CAN$ 2.8
Crispy Spicy Crab Meat(1pcs)CAN$ 2.5
Tuna(1pcs)CAN$ 2.5
B.B.Q. Eel(1pcs)CAN$ 2.5
Salmon(1pcs)CAN$ 2
Shrimp(1pcs)CAN$ 1.8
Octopus(1pcs)CAN$ 2

Special Roll

Menu ItemPrice
Green Dragon Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 13.5
House Special Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 15
Red Dragon Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 14
Unagi Dragon Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 15
Golden California(8pcs)CAN$ 14
Futomaki(8pcs)CAN$ 8.5
Rainbow Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 15
Dynamite Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 8.5


Menu ItemPrice
Cucumber and Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Sweet Potato and Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 7.5
Sweet Potato Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Spicy Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Cucumber Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Mushroom Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5

Chef Special

Menu ItemPrice
Cucumber Wrap(4pcs)CAN$ 9
Salmon Wrap(4pcs)CAN$ 13
ChirahiCAN$ 18

Sashimi Combo

Menu ItemPrice
Sashimi Combo B(15 PCs)CAN$ 20.5
Sashimi Combo A (10 pcs)CAN$ 18
Sashimi Combo C (30pc)CAN$ 42.5


Menu ItemPrice
Tempura DonCAN$ 13
Unagi DonCAN$ 17
Salmon Teriyaki DonCAN$ 15
Chicken Teriyaki DonCAN$ 13
Beef Teriyaki DonCAN$ 14

Bento Box

Menu ItemPrice
Box BCAN$ 24
Box ACAN$ 22

Sushi Combo

Menu ItemPrice
Sushi Combo A(13pcs)CAN$ 19
Sushi Combo B(15 Pcs)CAN$ 21
Sushi Combo C(17pcs)CAN$ 23

Maki Combo

Menu ItemPrice
Salmon Set(11 PCs)CAN$ 20
Tuna Set (11 Pcs)CAN$ 21.5
Hand Roll Set(3pcs)CAN$ 13
Vegetable Roll Set(18pcs)CAN$ 15
Maki SetCAN$ 25
Spicy Maki Set(24pcs)CAN$ 29


Menu ItemPrice
JuiceCAN$ 2.5
Bottled DrinksCAN$ 3
Canned DrinksCAN$ 2
Japanese Soft DrinksCAN$ 4.2
WaterCAN$ 1.5

Party Tray

Menu ItemPrice
Part Tray A(42pcs)CAN$ 49
Party Tray B(62pcs)CAN$ 71