Hello, Food Lover fellows! Are you looking for a Canadian Food menu offered by Pita Pit Canada? We have managed to get the complete Pita Pit Canada Food Menu along with its latest prices from the official sources. Go through this article to check out the latest Pita Pit Food Menu and Prices.

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Restaurant NamePita Pit
Cuisine TypeCanadian
Opening Hours11 am–8 pm
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Pita Pit MENU PRICES 2024

Pita Pit menu offers a large range of Canadian items in their menu across Canada outlets. Here are the main food item categories.

  • Limited Time Items
  • Creation Nation Rice Bowls
  • Creation Nation Pitas
  • Creation Nation Salad
  • Build Your Own Rice Bowl
  • Build Your Own Pita
  • Build Your Own Salad
  • Beverages
  • Sides
  • Yogen Fruz Smoothies
  • Kids Menu – Small Pita includes kids drink and 1 cookie
  • FAQs on Pita Pit Menu in Canada
  • About Pita Pit
  • Alternatives to Pita Pit in Canada

Now let’s see them in detail one by one.

Limited Time Items

Menu ItemPrice
Summer Balsamic ChickenCAN$ 13.8
Caribbean Jerk ChickenCAN$ 13.8
Lemon Falafel and HalloumiCAN$ 13.8

Creation Nation Rice Bowls

Menu ItemPrice
Smoky BBQ Beef Brisket Rice BowlCAN$ 13.43
Grilled Halloumi and Falafel Rice BowlCAN$ 12.51
Southwest Baja Rice BowlCAN$ 11.13
Chicken Bruschetta Rice BowlCAN$ 11.36
Jalapeno Club Rice BowlCAN$ 12.51
Zesty Chicken & Bacon Rice BowlCAN$ 12.51

Creation Nation Pitas

Menu ItemPrice
Twisted Spicy Chicken PitaCAN$ 11.6
Spicy Greek PitaCAN$ 11.37
Smoky BBQ Beef Brisket PitaCAN$ 12.29
Halloumi & Falafel PitaCAN$ 11.37
Jalapeno Club PitaCAN$ 11.37
Zesty Chicken & Bacon PitaCAN$ 11.37

Creation Nation Salad

Menu ItemPrice
Jalapeno Club SaladCAN$ 11.37
Ancho Chicken & Black Bean SaladCAN$ 11.37
Zesty Chicken & Bacon SaladCAN$ 11.37
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ 11.37
Twisted Spicy Chicken SaladCAN$ 11.6
Spicy Greek SaladCAN$ 11.37

Build Your Own Rice Bowl

Menu ItemPrice
Build Your Own Rice BowlCAN$ 10.33

Build Your Own Pita

Menu ItemPrice
Build Your Own PitaCAN$ 9.19

Build Your Own Salad

Menu ItemPrice
Build Your Own SaladCAN$ 9.19


Menu ItemPrice
Minute Maid JuiceCAN$ 3.9
Ice TeaCAN$ 3.55
SodaCAN$ 2.4
Vitamin WaterCAN$ 4.24
Dasani WaterCAN$ 2.98
Smart WaterCAN$ 3.32


Menu ItemPrice
CookiesCAN$ 1.94

Yogen Fruz Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Strawberry Banana SmoothieCAN$ 7.35
Peach Berry Sunset SmoothieCAN$ 7.35
Very Berry SmoothieCAN$ 7.35
Chocolate Banana SmoothieCAN$ 7.35
Tropical Storm SmoothieCAN$ 7.35

Kids Menu – Small Pita includes kids drink and 1 cookie

Menu ItemPrice
Cheese PitaCAN$ 9.53
Chicken PitaCAN$ 9.53
Deli Ham PitaCAN$ 9.53