Hello, Food Lover fellows! Are you looking for a Fast Food Food menu offered by Osmow’s Canada? We have managed to get the complete Osmow’s Canada Food Menu along with its latest prices from the official sources. Go through this article to check out the latest Osmow’s Food Menu and Prices.

Restaurant NameOsmow’s
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours11:30 AM–5 AM
ReviewsSee Reviews

Osmow’s MENU PRICES 2024

Osmow’s menu offers a large range of Fast Food items in their menu across Canada outlets. Here are the main food item categories.

  • Wrap Combos
  • SAJ Shawarma Wraps Combos
  • Signature Creations ON THE ROCKS™
  • Signature Creations ON THE STIX™
  • Half & Half
  • On the Poutine
  • JR Shawarma
  • Signature Creations ON THE VEGGIES
  • Platters
  • Salads
  • Wraps
  • AJ Shawarma Wraps
  • Sides & Appetizer Menu
  • Drinks Menu
  • Desserts Menu

Now let’s see them in detail one by one.

Most Popular

Chicken On the ROCKS™CAN$ 11.29
Chicken On the STIX™CAN$ 12.42
JR Chicken ShawarmaCAN$ 5.07
Chicken Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 12.42
Half & Half Chicken ShawarmaCAN$ 12.64

Wrap Combos

Chicken Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 12.42
Beef Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.11
Lamb Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.68
Beyond Meat Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.68
Philly Chicken Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.34
Falafel Wrap ComboCAN$ 12.42
Mixed Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.68
Osmow’s Special Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.34
Chicken Kebab Wrap ComboCAN$ 13.78
Beef Kofta Wrap ComboCAN$ 13.78
Philly Cheese Steak Wrap ComboCAN$ 16.03

SAJ Shawarma Wraps Combos

SAJ Chicken Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.11
SAJ Beef Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 15.81
SAJ Lamb Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 16.37
SAJ Beyond Meat Wrap ComboCAN$ 16.37
SAJ Falafel Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.11

Signature Creations ON THE ROCKS™

Chicken On the ROCKS™CAN$ 11.29
Beef On the ROCKS™CAN$ 12.98
Beyond On the ROCKS™CAN$ 14.11
Lamb on the ROCKS™CAN$ 14.11
Mixed On the ROCKS™CAN$ 13.55
Falafel On the ROCKS™CAN$ 11.29

Signature Creations ON THE STIX™

Chicken On the STIX™CAN$ 12.42
Beef On the STIX™CAN$ 14.68
Beyond On the STIX™CAN$ 15.81
Lamb on the STIX™CAN$ 15.81
Falafel On the STIX™CAN$ 12.42
Mixed on the STIX™CAN$ 15.24

Half & Half

Half & Half Beef ShawarmaCAN$ 14.9
Half & Half Lamb ShawarmaCAN$ 16.03
Half & Half Beyond Meat™CAN$ 16.03
Half & Half FalafelCAN$ 12.64
Mixed Half & HalfCAN$ 15.47
Half & Half Chicken ShawarmaCAN$ 12.64

On the Poutine

Lamb Shawarma PoutineCAN$ 17.16

JR Shawarma

JR Chicken ShawarmaCAN$ 5.07
JR Beef ShawarmaCAN$ 6.77
JR Lamb ShawarmaCAN$ 7.33
JR Beyond MeatCAN$ 7.33
JR FalafelCAN$ 5.07

Signature Creations ON THE VEGGIES

Chicken On the VeggiesCAN$ 13.77
Beef On the VeggiesCAN$ 16.03
Lamb on the VeggiesCAN$ 17.16
Beyond On the VeggiesCAN$ 17.16
Falafel On the VeggiesCAN$ 13.77
Mixed On The VeggiesCAN$ 16.6


Chicken Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 16.94
Beef Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 19.2
Lamb Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 20.33
Falafel PlatterCAN$ 16.94
Beyond Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 20.33
Osmow’s Special PlatterCAN$ 18.86
Chicken Kebab PlatterCAN$ 18.29
Beef Kofta PlatterCAN$ 19.2
Philly Cheese Steak PlatterCAN$ 21.12
Philly Chicken PlatterCAN$ 18.86


Fattoush SaladCAN$ 8.12
Caesar SaladCAN$ 8.12
Greek SaladCAN$ 9.25
Chicken SaladCAN$ 12.64
Falafel SaladCAN$ 12.64
Beef SaladCAN$ 14.9
Lamb SaladCAN$ 16.03
Mixed SaladCAN$ 15.47
Beyond SaladCAN$ 16.03


Chicken Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 10.52
Beef Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.21
Lamb Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.78
Beyond Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.78
Mixed Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.78
Falafel Wrap with drinkCAN$ 10.52
Osmow’s Special Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.44
Chicken Kebab Wrap with drinkCAN$ 11.87
Beef Kofta Wrap with drinkCAN$ 11.87
Philly Cheese Steak Wrap with drinkCAN$ 14.13
Philly Chicken Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.44

SAJ Shawarma Wraps

SAJ Chicken Shawarma WrapCAN$ 10.72
SAJ Beef Shawarma WrapCAN$ 12.42
SAJ Lamb Shawarma WrapCAN$ 12.98
SAJ Beyond Meat WrapCAN$ 12.98
SAJ Falafel WrapCAN$ 10.72

Sides & Appetizer Menu

STIX™CAN$ 3.15
Falafel (5 pieces)CAN$ 5.64
Just ChickenCAN$ 10.16
Hummus AppetizerCAN$ 7.67
Just BeefCAN$ 12.42
Just LambCAN$ 13.55
Just Beyond MeatCAN$ 13.55
Taboule AppetizerCAN$ 7.9
Grilled VeggiesCAN$ 0

Drinks Menu

Coke Zero – CanCAN$ 1.44
Sprite – CanCAN$ 1.44
Gingerale – CanCAN$ 1.44
Bottled WaterCAN$ 1.44
Coca-Cola – CanCAN$ 1.44
Bottled PopCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Mango JuiceCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Mango Carrot JuiceCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Guava JuiceCAN$ 3.09
Diet Coke – CanCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Strawberry Banana JuiceCAN$ 3.09

Desserts Menu

Baklava (1pc)CAN$ 2.93
Baklava Box (6pcs)CAN$ 5.75