Hello, Food Lover fellows! Are you looking for a Mediterranean Food menu offered by OPA! of Greece Canada? We have managed to get the complete OPA! of Greece Canada Food Menu along with its latest prices from the official sources. Go through this article to check out the latest OPA! of Greece Food Menu and Prices.

OPA! of Greece
Restaurant NameOPA! of Greece
Cuisine TypeMediterranean
Opening Hours9 AM–11 PM
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OPA! of Greece MENU PRICES 2024

OPA! of Greece menu offers a large range of Mediterranean items in their menu across Canada outlets. Here are the main food item categories.

  • Meals
  • Combos
  • Salads
  • Olympus Bowls
  • Snacks
  • Kids Meal
  • Sides
  • Opa Extras Menu
  • Beverages Menu

Now let’s see them in detail one by one.


OPA! Platter MealCAN$ 14.95
Souvlaki and Salad MealCAN$ 13.19
Pita Wrap MealCAN$ 13.69
Calamari and Salad MealCAN$ 15.15


OPA! Platter ComboCAN$ 17.25
Pita Wrap Meal ComboCAN$ 15.99
Souvlaki and Salad ComboCAN$ 15.49
Low Carb Santorini Salad ComboCAN$ 15.25
Low Carb Greek Salad ComboCAN$ 15.25
Low Carb Caesar Salad ComboCAN$ 15.25
Calamari and Salad Meal ComboCAN$ 17.45
Olympus Rice Bowl ComboCAN$ 12.39
Olympus Fry Bowl ComboCAN$ 12.39


Santorini SaladCAN$ 8.25
Greek SaladCAN$ 8.25
Caesar SaladCAN$ 8.25
Low Carb Santorini SaladCAN$ 12.97
Low Carb Greek SaladCAN$ 12.97
Low Carb Caesar SaladCAN$ 12.97

Olympus Bowls

Rice BowlCAN$ 10.09
Fry BowlCAN$ 10.09


Pita WrapCAN$ 9.65
CalamariCAN$ 12.55
Falafel Snack BitesCAN$ 5.25

Kids Meal

Kids’ MealCAN$ 7.99
Kids’ Grilled Cheese MealCAN$ 6.69


OPA! FriesCAN$ 5.25
Hummus and PitaCAN$ 4.75
Tzatziki and Pita BreadCAN$ 4.15
Souvlaki SkewerCAN$ 5.35
Greek Roasted PotatoesCAN$ 4.39
Rice PilafCAN$ 4.39

Opa Extras Menu

TzatzikiCAN$ 1.55
HummusCAN$ 1.55

Beverages Menu

Dasani Bottled WaterCAN$ 3.05
Canned PopCAN$ 2.85
Bottled Nestea Lemon Iced TeaCAN$ 3.45
Minute Maid JuiceCAN$ 3.45