Hello, Food Lover fellows! Are you looking for a Asian Food menu offered by Hakka Legend Canada? We have managed to get the complete Hakka Legend Canada Food Menu along with its latest prices from the official sources. Go through this article to check out the latest Hakka Legend Food Menu and Prices.

Hakka Legend
Restaurant NameHakka Legend
Cuisine TypeAsian
Opening Hours11 AM–10 PM
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Hakka Legend MENU PRICES 2024

Hakka Legend menu offers a large range of Asian items in their menu across Canada outlets. Here are the main food item categories.

  • Appetizers
  • Soup
  • Seafood
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Vegetarian
  • Thai
  • Noodles
  • Rice Menu
  • Chefs Specialties Menu
  • Drinks Menu

Now let’s see them in detail one by one.


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken PakoraCAN$ 15.7
Fish PakoraCAN$ 15.7
Shrimp PakoraCAN$ 16.25
Vegetable PakoraCAN$ 13.75
Lollipop ChickenCAN$ 17.5
Fried Vegetable Spring RollCAN$ 6.5
Chicken DumplingCAN$ 10
Fried Chicken WingsCAN$ 12.5
Honey Garlic Chicken WingsCAN$ 13.75
Mango SaladCAN$ 9.75
Fried Shrimp WontonCAN$ 11
Guyanese Style ChickenCAN$ 15
Fried Chicken WontonCAN$ 11
Fried Shrimp Spring RollCAN$ 6.5
French FriesCAN$ 6.45
Fried Curry Chicken Spring RollCAN$ 6.5
Onion RingsCAN$ 6.45
Chilli Chicken WingsCAN$ 13.75
Legends Spicy PoutineCAN$ 10.35


Menu ItemPrice
Manchurian SoupCAN$ 7.15
Manchow SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Manchow SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Manchurian SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken and Shrimp Thai SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Hot and Sour SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Thai SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Corn SoupCAN$ 7.15
Shrimp Wonton SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Corn SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Wonton SoupCAN$ 7.15
Seafood SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Noodle SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Noodle SoupCAN$ 7.15
Seafood Hot and Sour SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Hot and Sour SoupCAN$ 7.15
Crab Corn SoupCAN$ 7.15


Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Deep Fried Mixed SeafoodCAN$ 20
Spicy Deep Fried Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Chilli Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Szechuan Tiger Prawns (Red Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Hot Garlic SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Spicy Garlic SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns with EggplantCAN$ 17.5
Sweet and Sour Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Lobster SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns Ma Po TofuCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 17.5
General Tso Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Steam Fish Fillet with Manchurian SauceCAN$ 21.75
Tiger Prawns in Sweet Garlic SauceCAN$ 17.5
Bombay Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 18.75
Tiger Prawns with Black Bean SauceCAN$ 17.5
Sweet and Sour Manchurian Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 18.75
Bombay FishCAN$ 18.75
Manchurian Tiger Prawns (Brown Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 17.5
Manchurian FishCAN$ 17.5


Menu ItemPrice
Bombay ChickenCAN$ 16.95
Crispy Ginger ChickenCAN$ 16.95
Sweet and Sour Manchurian ChickenCAN$ 16.95
Sliced Chicken in Black Pepper SauceCAN$ 16.25
Chilli ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken with EggplantCAN$ 16.25
Manchurian Chicken (Brown Spicy sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Ginger ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Szechuan Chicken (Red Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Pineapple ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Spicy Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25
Chicken with Black Bean SauceCAN$ 16.25
General Tso ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken with Snow Peas and Fresh MushroomsCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Hot Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25
Sweet and Sour ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Mongolian ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 16.25
Orange ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Sweet Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25
Chicken Ma Po TofuCAN$ 16.25


Menu ItemPrice
Bombay BeefCAN$ 17.5
Chilli BeefCAN$ 16.25
Manchurian Beef (Brown Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Beef Orange DelightCAN$ 16.25
Sweet and Sour Manchurian BeefCAN$ 17.5
Beef with EggplantCAN$ 16.25
Sesame BeefCAN$ 17.5
Beef in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Black Bean SauceCAN$ 16.25
Sliced Beef with Black Pepper SauceCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 16.25
Beef with BroccoliCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Snow Peas and Fresh MushroomsCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Ginger and ScallionCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Green BeansCAN$ 16.25
Sliced Beef with Gai LanCAN$ 17.55
Crispy Ginger BeefCAN$ 17.5
Szechuan Beef (Red Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Beef in Spicy Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25


Menu ItemPrice
Vegetable BallCAN$ 14.1
TofuCAN$ 13.75
Spicy Deep Fried TofuCAN$ 14.1
PaneerCAN$ 14.1
Mixed Vegetables in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 14.1
Bombay PaneerCAN$ 15
Beansprout Chop SueyCAN$ 13.75
EggplantCAN$ 14.1
Home Style Fried Bean Curd with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1
CauliflowerCAN$ 14.1
Sweet and Sour Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1
Manchurian Tofu with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1
Stir Fried BroccoliCAN$ 13.75
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables in Garlic SauceCAN$ 14.1
Chinese VegetablesCAN$ 16.25
Stir Fried Green BeansCAN$ 14.1
Mixed VegetableCAN$ 14.1
OkraCAN$ 14.1
Spicy Garlic Tofu with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1


Menu ItemPrice
Mango ChickenCAN$ 16.95
Red Coconut CurryCAN$ 17.25
Green Coconut CurryCAN$ 17.25
Thai Shrimp Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Red Coconut Curry with VegetableCAN$ 17.25
Pineapple Chicken Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Pad Thai with VegetableCAN$ 14.45
Pineapple Beef Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Pad ThaiCAN$ 14.45
Mango Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.55
Thai Seafood Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Thai Chicken Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Thai Beef Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Green Coconut Curry with VegetableCAN$ 17.25


Menu ItemPrice
Seafood Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 15.7
House Special Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 14.45
Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 14.45
Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Cantonese Chow MeinCAN$ 15.7
Vegetable Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Vegetable Cantonese Chow MeinCAN$ 15.7
Paneer Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Seafood Shanghai NoodlesCAN$ 17.5
Vegetable Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 14.45
Chicken Sweet American Chop SueyCAN$ 14.45
Shanghai NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Manchurian Chicken on Fried NoodlesCAN$ 17.5
Vegetable Shanghai NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Triple Szechuan VegetableCAN$ 17.5
Triple Szechuan ChickenCAN$ 17.5
Vegetable Sweet American Chop SueyCAN$ 14.45
Guyanese Chicken on Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 15.7
Chilli Chicken on Fried NoodlesCAN$ 17.5
Seafood Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 15.7
House Special Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 14.45

Rice Menu

Menu ItemPrice
House Special Fried RiceCAN$ 14.45
Chicken Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Vegetable Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Paneer Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Mushroom Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Guyanese Chicken on Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Seafood Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Shrimp Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Beef Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Egg Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Steamed RiceCAN$ 2.15

Chefs Specialties Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Sizzling Bollywood ChickenCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix FishCAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Chicken 88CAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Paneer 88CAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Bollywood PaneerCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix ChickenCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix BeefCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Spicy ChickenCAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Vegetable Ball 88CAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Shrimp 88CAN$ 18.75

Drinks Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Coca Cola (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Sprite (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Gingerale (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Diet Coke (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Coke Zero (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Apple Juice (Per Bottle)CAN$ 3.25
Orange Juice (Per Bottle)CAN$ 3.25
Mango Juice (473 ml bottle)CAN$ 3.25
Perrier Water (330 ml bottle)CAN$ 3.25